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Day 1 – 365 Days of Instagram

Hardly an original concept, I know, but for 2020 I have decided to start the ‘365 days of Instagram’ challenge. I’ll be uploading at least one photo daily to my account (link on my Gallery). Alongside this, I figured I would try to blog daily as well – in part to give some additional context to the photo(s) I upload, but also by way of a diary of the year ahead. That said, enjoy the first update for day 1…

Caffeine and Retail Therapy

After a decent lay-in following the seeing-in of the New Year last night, Marion and I decided to stroll into the city for breakfast at Caffè Nero. It’s a firm favourite as I love their coffee and almond croissants! (My scales do not enjoy the croissants). We sat and chatted, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere as it was fairly quiet. I suspect many people were still in bed sleeping off hangovers from a night of over-indulgence!

By the time we’d finished our drinks, it was just past 11 and the shops were starting to open. We headed down to Sports Direct as I wanted to get some new trainers. After trying on some Nike running shoes, I opted for Under Armour trainers instead as they felt more comfortable and I didn’t specifically want running shoes as I already have a good pair. These would mainly be used for work and the gym.

Trainers sorted, I headed back home and left Marion in the city to continue shopping. I’d arranged to meet Michael at 1 to go biking at High Lodge in Thetford with a couple of his friends. I had to get my cycle helmet out of the loft as it’s been so long since I’ve ridden a bike owing to a previous knee injury.

Riding into Dusk

By the time we got to High Lodge and started riding, it was nearly 2. It was also a lot colder than I’d expected. Although I wore several layers on my top half, my legs were a bit exposed and I made the stupid decision to wear my cut-off gloves. Within minutes my fingers were numb and I was a bit concerned I wouldn’t be able to hold onto the handlebars very well! Worse still, my leg and glute muscles were very sore from a recent gym workout and squash session.

I stayed at the back of the pack so as not to hold the others up, and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t keep up. Michael very kindly slowed down to keep pace with me, and the others stopped in between sections too. After completing the red route, I foolishly agreed to do the blue route as well. I quickly realised my mistake when, just a few minutes into the route, I completely ran out of leg power.

We seemed to be barely moving I was riding in such a low gear. We let the others carry on without us, and Michael and I turned it into a more leisurely ride and chat which got me through the rest of the route. By the time we got back to base, it was almost 4 and starting to get dark.

Haribo, More Coffee, Pizza and Bath

Before we’d started the ride, Michael mentioned he had some Haribo in his truck. Somehow we forgot to eat them – a fact I remembered just as my legs were giving out, with delirious thoughts of how much the sugar would be helping me right now. As soon as we arrived back, I dug the small bag out of his car and scoffed the lot!! (Don’t worry, it was a child-size bag, I’m not quite that greedy. Well okay I am, but it was small all the same.)

Bikes loaded, we drove back to Michael’s house for a much-needed latte – partly just to hold a hot cup and get some feeling back in our hands! We talked for a bit longer, then I headed home for dinner and a very relaxed evening.

I had intended on a healthy salad for tea, but after over-exerting myself on the bike – coupled with the fact I skipped lunch due to the late breakfast – I stopped at Sainsbury’s near my flat and grabbed the biggest stuffed-crust pizza I could find. Yum Yum!

Massive quantity of calories consumed, I managed to drag myself off the sofa just far enough to make it into a hot bath. Or, what should have been a hot bath. I ran out of hot water and had to settle for a half-full bath of lukewarm water instead.


Well, that’s basically it for today. I’m back at work tomorrow (sigh) and one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get up at 6 on workdays, giving me more time to have breakfast and do some mobility work – but more on that tomorrow.

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