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Day 2 – 365 Days of Instagram

Early Start

As I hinted at towards the end of yesterday’s blog, today began with a rather unwelcome alarm at 6am. I hadn’t slept particularly well, due to a sore neck from yesterday’s mountain biking in the cold. Regardless, I dragged myself up and brewed some tea while preparing my breakfast cereal.

Once the caffeine had kicked in I felt much better, so it was time to start my new mobility exercise routine. For many years now, I’ve struggled with back pain and in particular, tightness in my thoracic spine. I suspect this is down to spending the majority of my time sitting in front of a computer with a less-than-ideal posture.

Mobility Exercises

The routine currently consists of just two exercises: foam rolling my thoracic spine area for 10-15 minutes and a standing posture drill. The latter involves standing with my feet, bottom and back against a wall, arms out to the sides, elbows bent to 90 degrees with hands up (as you can see on my Instagram post). The idea is to keep as much of your back and arms touching the wall while sliding your hands up and down slowly.

I suspect if you are young and/or have good flexibility, you’ll be able to do this no problem. I can only get my elbows touching the wall with great effort, so clearly there’s a long way to go!

Lunch Prep

Another one of my New Year resolutions is to use my money more effectively. This means cutting back on the lunchtime Subway salads (nice as they are, at £5 a day it soon adds up). I purchased the ingredients to prepare my own version, and with a bit of dressing, it makes a tasty and healthy lunch.

Atomic Habits and Work

Today was my first day back at work in 2020. Safe to say I wasn’t overly looking forward to it (I’m sure you’ll hear more about this in future posts). My apartment is a 10-minute walk from the office and I like to use this time to listen to an audiobook to make it a productive start to the working day.

I used one of my two Audible credits to purchase a new book recommended by my friend Richard: Atomic Habits by James Clear. It’s a best-selling book aimed at improving all aspects of your life by making small, incremental improvements to your everyday routines, focusing on identity and processes over goals. I don’t know what to make of it yet, but I plan to write about it again once I’ve listened to more of the book.

Dinner at The Ivy, Norwich

Returning home from work just before 5, I tidied my apartment before sitting down to chill out on the sofa. My parents and their friends were arriving at 6 for an evening meal at The Ivy restaurant. When they arrived, I went down to meet them and we walked to the restaurant for our 6:30 reservation.

The meal was lovely. It was actually my second visit within a week, having been with Marion on Saturday for the first time. Once again, I had the pumpkin soup to start, but this time opted for the salmon fillet main instead of the cod I had before. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food and we had a great time chatting in between courses.

After the meal, we strolled back to my apartment and I said goodbye to everyone, before heading back upstairs. It was only 9, but I was feeling pretty tired so, after updating my blog I’m heading straight off to bed.

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