Manos Apartments Elounda

Manos Apartments Elounda

Great Location but that’s about it…

As some other reviewers have already suggested, I suspect Manos has a loyal following on TripAdvisor as I can’t think why else there are so many 5* reviews. Don’t get me wrong it’s not an awful place by any means, but it’s far from perfect too. Also I should add that I moderated my review, improving it from 2 to 3 stars as I recognize it’s been a while since I stayed self-catering and so perhaps my expectations were a little high going in, but I’ve tried to take that into account.

Starting with the positives then, the location really is excellent – right on the Northern edge of Elounda so it doesn’t feel crowded, but just a few minutes walk from the main harbour area and the main beach. There is a smaller beach just opposite which actually gets much less crowded when the boat trips arrive, and is slightly less rocky in the water too. Also a mini-market just up the road towards Plaka for supplies.

That really is the main plus point for me. The apartment itself was clean and served its purpose, but very basic and also pretty small – I stayed there by myself in an apartment that “sleeps up to 4”, but honestly I can’t imagine 4 adults or grown-up children fitting into it without stepping on each others’ toes. The kitchen/dining area (which is really the only communal space) is only a few feet square (the size of a small UK bedroom perhaps) and I think would feel claustrophobic with more than two people in it at once. Also despite it being self-catering I would have expected some basics such as soap in the bathroom, but there was none. Each apartment does have at least one balcony/patio area but these all face either the apartment in front or behind so no privacy at all.

Most of the guests were elderly and it seems very popular with people from the North of England in particular, so if that’s you then I expect you’ll love it, but I felt like an outsider and despite saying hello a few times, seemed to get ignored by everyone around me (maybe my accent – or lack thereof – was confusing). The guy behind the bar did greet me as I walked past, so that’s something I guess.

I can’t comment on the food/drink as I never ate there, it seemed a bit pointless staying self-catering and then eating at the apartment when there are so many nice tavernas nearby, but that’s a personal choice I guess.

All in all it could have been any apartment anywhere, and I’m sure if that’s what you want then it’s fine – the location is a real positive hence I couldn’t give it less than 3 stars, but it was quite expensive and so I can’t really call it good value and if I ever go back to Elounda I think I’d sooner pay more and find a hotel somewhere with a bit of character.


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