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Blazor: OnInitializedAsync Null Exceptions

One of the first issues I encountered when building data-driven Blazor pages is the dreaded NullReferenceException when trying to reference...

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Introducing Blazor

Introduction Okay, Blazor isn’t exactly brand new. First announced over three years ago, it’s been in public preview since...

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Day 2 – 365 Days of Instagram

Early Start As I hinted at towards the end of yesterday’s blog, today began with a rather unwelcome alarm at 6am. I hadn’t...

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Day 1 – 365 Days of Instagram

Hardly an original concept, I know, but for 2020 I have decided to start the ‘365 days of Instagram’ challenge. I’ll be...

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Harry’s Shave Club Review

Close, but is it Close Enough? I’ve always been what you might call a casual shaver. I’m one of those men whose facial hair...

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Why Salary is Best Kept Secret

A recent BBC article references claims by charity Fawcett Society that women should have a right to know what their male colleagues are...

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The Political Compass and my World View

Introduction As I grow older, I find myself taking more of an interest in politics and current affairs. We seem to be moving towards an...

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Yamaha MODX8 Synth and HS5 Speakers

It’s fair to say I’m not very good at keeping this blog up-to-date, but I’m going to try harder (honest!) from now on....

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Summer Fitness Goals

So, the clocks have finally “sprung” forward again which must mean summer is on the horizon. Time to start thinking about that...

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Instagram: Viewing large profile pictures

Ever found it frustrating that the Instagram app only shows user’s profile pictures in a small, circular thumbnail format? On several...

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