I’ve always had a keen interest in photography, but when I was younger I spent more time thinking about the technical aspects (focus, aperture settings, light levels etc.) than the artistic side of actually taking a good photo. In the past couple of years this has changed, and I now put more effort into finding and framing a good image, which is hopefully reflected in my work.

I don’t put all of my photos on Instagram, but it’s probably the best place to see good examples of what I’ve done. Obviously some of my feed is just every day candid photos, but usually when I’m on holidays or away from home I’ll make an effort to get some good photos. I’ve also recently started to shoot RAW images and use Lightroom to post-process them, to hopefully make for better final results.

You can see my Instagram feed below [note that ad-blockers seem to stop the feed working, so if the below is just empty space, I’m not going mad, your ad-blocker is stopping it] or check me out on Instagram itself:Β

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Last modified: 25/11/2018

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