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Introducing Blazor


Okay, Blazor isn’t exactly brand new. First announced over three years ago, it’s been in public preview since March 2018. However, with the release of .NET Core 3.1 in December 2019, Blazor Server support in Visual Studio (16.4 and up) is improved and there is also preview support for Blazor WebAssembly.

I recently started a new web-based project and decided it would be a good opportunity to give Blazor a try. For now, it will be Blazor Server only as I don’t want to get into difficulties using a preview tech. There are several good articles already on getting started with Blazor, mostly on the Microsoft site, so instead of covering the basics, I’m planning a series of posts dealing with the issues and learning experiences as I build out my app.

Even though I’m a fairly experienced C# web developer, adopting a new technology always brings with it lots of challenges and hopefully, as I solve each one, I can share the process and save you time on your own Blazor journey.

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