As well as my interest in photography, I purchased a drone in 2018 with the aim of getting some good aerial footage on my frequent trips to Greece. I’ve also used it a few times in the UK to get experience flying and the editing workflow using Adobe Premiere and, more recently, DaVinci Resolve.

Below are a few videos I’ve taken since buying the drone. They aren’t amazing but I’m having fun filming and, though editing is a slow process, it is getting easier with practice.

Southwold, Suffolk, UK
Wymondham Abbey, Norfolk, UK
Koufonissi, Greece (from my Greece Travel Guide channel)

Naxos, Greece (from my Greece Travel Guide channel)

If you’d like more information on my drone; filming or editing techniques, let me know in the comments or get in touch and I’ll make an effort to add some useful content on this subject.

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Last modified: 16/02/2020

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