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Day 1 – 365 Days of Instagram

Hardly an original concept, I know, but for 2020 I have decided to start the ‘365 days of Instagram’ challenge. I’ll be uploading at least one photo daily to my account (link on my Gallery). Alongside this, I figured I would try to blog daily as well – in part to give some additional context …...

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Why Salary is Best Kept Secret

A recent BBC article references claims by charity Fawcett Society that women should have a right to know what their male colleagues are being paid if they suspect pay discrimination. Ignoring the blatant sexism of this idea for the moment, let’s talk about why publicised salaries are bad for both businesses and individuals…...

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DJI Mavic Air – My Thoughts

I figured it’s about time I shared my experience of owning what is undoubtedly a cool piece of technology. Hopefully, I can address some of the most common questions: Was it worth the money? What are the good and bad things about it? Did I buy the right one? I bought my DJI Mavic Air …...

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Diagnosing IIS 500 Internal Server Errors

Recently I was tasked with deploying a new version of my company’s website onto a clean Windows Server 2012 host and encountered a rather frustrating issue with the dreaded “500 Internal Server Error” page. Despite there being many articles attempting to cover this error online, none of them addressed my specific case...

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