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Summer Fitness Goals

So, the clocks have finally “sprung” forward again which must mean summer is on the horizon. Time to start thinking about that beach body again!

Truth be told, I never stop thinking about it, and I’m lucky that my year-round swimming regime keeps me in reasonable shape anyway. But, my diet isn’t exactly strict most of the time, and that’s what tends to make the difference. Dropping just a few percentage bodyfat makes a big improvement in visible muscle definition.

My first beach holiday is at the end of June, followed shortly by another longer holiday mid-July, so I’ve decided to blog my progress – mostly for my own entertainment – but who knows, you might find it entertaining too (or, dare I suggest it, useful).

Starting Point

As of today, I’m currently tipping the scales at 80.5 kg (177 lbs, roughly 12 1/2 stone) which, at 1.85 m tall gives me a BMI of 23.5. So I’m in the ‘healthy’ range, which is a good start. I don’t have a body fat percentage reading yet, but I would guess it’s around 14%.

My aim is to get down to 11% body fat, or less, by the time I go on holiday. Ideally maintaining a similar weight (79-80 kg), so I’ll need to maintain and increase lean muscle mass while reducing body fat.

Training Plan

I currently do 3 – 4 swim training sessions per week, so my base cardio is pretty much sorted, but I can top this up with turbo trainer sessions on my bike at home to burn some extra calories when I need to.

My gym regime is a bit chaotic at the moment, due to a knee issue (more on that later) and a recurring shoulder injury. I basically train 3 or 4 times a week (mostly on the days I don’t swim). Ideally, I would split these sessions into something like chest, back, legs, core. However, to keep up my abdominal work, I’ll be doing at least some core at the end of every session. I also have to adapt my routine based on what equipment is available on the day.

The knee spanner in the works

Next week, 16th April, I’m having keyhole surgery to remove a cyst from my right knee. This is likely to put a dent in my training – hardly ideal at the start of this plan, but it is what it is. With any luck, the recovery time will be short. During this time I will try to keep up with the core training and some gentle swimming where possible.

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