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Today’s Shoulder Workout

Been 4 weeks since coming back from LA and the training’s now back in full flow. Although a lot of strength/size was lost training for the Waveney Valley Super-Sprint Triathlon back in May, I’ve put about 6lbs of mass since then most of which is lean muscle. Currently 13st 2lb (83.5kg) which for my height (6′ 2) gives me a BMI of 23.6 which is on the low side for me, but obviously well within the ‘normal’ range.

Today’s workout was pretty good:

  1. 5x8reps on shoulder press machine, maxing out on 65kgs (per arm) with a slight assist for the last 2 reps.
  2. 5x10reps on the lateral raise machine, maxing out on 45kgs all unassisted.
  3. 4x10reps upright rows with a straight bar, maxing out on 45kgs. Super-set with:
    1. 4x10reps bent-over rear cable raises, single arm @ 10kgs.
  4. 4x10reps dumbbell shrugs maxing out on 40kgs.


Particularly happy with the 65kg press as that’s the closest I’ve been to my best ever 75kgs in nearly 12 months. (75kgs is max for the machine).

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Last modified: 17/03/2015